Franklin B.B.Q… Great chunk-a-meat!

franklin bbq

My two meat plate (brisket and pork ribs) with tatoe salad and beaners!

What can I say, it was awesome! I was in line at 8:30 am this morning and was the second in line (technically first one to arrive) at Franklin BBQ. I waited for Leora and Ashley who showed up about 15 minutes later with coffee and snack pastries as we would be waiting  in line for the next 2.5 hours. What awaited for us on the other side of the doors 150 minutes later was BBQ greatness that earned Anthony Bourdain’s approval deeming it “earth-shatteringly good.” Oh but Mr. Bourdain is so right along with so many foodies who have done the pilgrimage and agree that Franklin has some damn good meat!

I can’t claim to be en expert on the subject, though I will say that I am a huge foodie and have done my fair share of BBQ sampling in and around Austin and beyond. As I spoke with other folks waiting in line they swore by it. I too can honestly say that Franklin has great quality meat, the tenderness is unbelievable, juiciness is out of this world and seasoning/flavor is great with or without the BBQ sauce (3 options). It is some of the best meat I’ve ever had. If you have not done so yet, wake up early, head out to Franklin and have some BBQ for breakfast and check this Austin food joint gem off your bucket list!


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