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MUTEKMX 2014 – De Todo Un Poco en DF

Estuve de visita por la capital para el Festival de Creatividad Digital: MUTEKMX y pues a probar y experimentar de todo un poco: tacos, tortas, trago, arte, museos, talleres, aprendizaje, música, baile, manifestación, gente, smog, hambre, peligro, desesperación, llanto, ruido, rituales, historia y cuantas cosas mas.

MUTEK 2014 Underway in Montreal

Programmation EM15 Program from MUTEK on Vimeo.

Gil Rocha’s, The Tacos Are Here @ Zoya Tommy Gallery gets reviewed


My good friend Gil Rocha’s show in Houston got praised by thegreatgodpanisdead.com’s Robert Boyd. Great work B-Roach!

Unosdos – Collaboration with Jorge Lopez

Collaboration with some images by Jorge Lopez. Go here to see another.

Foro “Violencia y Arte” en Guadalajara

This weekend I traveled to Guadalajara for the first edition of the forum Violencia y Arte held by the Secretaria de Cultura de Guadalajara in collaboration with other organizations. It was a very stimulating forum at great venues with great dialogue by an amazing creators and thinkers. Personally I was very moved by the entire thing. Particularly by the discussions of how Mexico as a country has created a “form” of expression that is based on its violent history. But more than just looking at the art, speakers rooted out the how and why this has become the true Mexican form of expression in art and culture… from pre-hispanic era of human sacrifices, Spanish conquest, mass genocide, the revolution, to its present day narco wars. Influencing forms of expression ranging from narco corridos, dance, art, to film making.

The events I attended were:

  • Keynote address by Cuauhtemoc Medina, Ph.D. – curator at MUAC
  • Nosotros performance by Moving Borders (amazing performance group)
  • Recorrido of Instituto Cultural Cabañas with Eduardo Subirats, Ph.D. & Ernesto Lumbreras, Poet and writer (great discussion on Orozco’s murals)
  • Table discussuion/forum on: Violencia Como Espectaculo
  • Keynote address by Eduardo Subirats, Ph.D, Professor at New York University (NYU)
  • Music by Sonido Changorama from D.F. (not so good, very disappointed but they did have free beer)
  • Video exhibition by Colectivo de Video Colombiano

Go here to see the video “Clases de Cuchillo” by Colombian artist Edwin Sanches.
Also go here to see “Rio” by Colombian artists Alberto Baraya.

Venues included:

  • Museo Raul Anguiano (MURA)
  • Museo del Periodismo y Las Artes Graficas (MUPAG)
  • Laboratorio de Arte, Variedades (LARVA)
  • Instituto Cultural Cabañas

You can read more about the event at their website here: http://violenciayarte.com/

Following are some images from the forum…

viole1Outside Museo del Periodismo y Las Artes Graficas (MUPAG)

viole2Ernesto Lumbreras, Mexican poet and writer at Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Orozco murals

viole3Caballo de acero, Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Orozco murals

viole4Hombre en fuego, Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Orozco murals

viole5NYU Professor Eduardo Subirats, Ph.D., at Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Orozco murals

viole6Nosotros performance by Moving Borders at LARVA

viole7Sonido Changorama from D.F. at LARVA

Short Video From a Recent Trip

Had the opportunity to travel to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Cities I visited include: Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Singapore, Yogyakarta, Nusa Lembongan, Gili Trawangan, Ubud in Bali. I must say that out of all the places i’ve travelled in Asia and Southeast Asia, the Indonesian people have it right. It is a great place to visit with amazing eco diversity, great diving sites and the people are just damn nice! If you want to avoid tourists, skip Bali and head for the other islands.